Study: US is an oligarchy, not a democracy

The US is dominated by a rich and powerful elite. So concludes a recent study by Princeton University Prof Martin Gilens and Northwestern University Prof Benjamin I Page. This is not news, you say. Perhaps, but the two professors have conducted exhaustive research to try to present data-driven support for this conclusion. Here’s how they […]

3 big Trump donors are among business leaders influencing coronavirus response

Why rely on experts when you’ve got rich donors? Trump has sought and received advice on tackling the coronavirus crisis in private conversations with several of his allies in the business world, according to people familiar with the matter. There are at least four executives Trump and his team have been in regular contact with, […]

Conservative Groups Involved in the Anti-Lockdown Protests

It’s not spontaneous grassroots. It’s coordinated. And often funded by the oligarchs. A coalition of influential conservative leaders and groups, some with close connections to the White House, has been quietly working to nurture protests and apply political and legal pressure to overturn state and local orders intended to stop the spread of the coronavirus. […]